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wealth.army is a rapidly growing community of entrepreneurs, investors, and traders, that is working towards one goal: financial freedom.

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Our team of select experienced analysts are equipped with over 10 years of experience, and have been educating, and teaching others on how to trade and the process behind it for over 2 years. Our team is made up of different trades in different markets, be it swing, scalp, or long term trading, stocks, options, or cryptocurrency, you will find a way to start growing with us.

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We have designed a discord group where people can learn from the trades, as well as interact with other like minded individuals, work towards their goals, as well as see the "why' behind each one of our trades. Regardless if your a rookie or advanced, small or large account, we are sure you will find a place at TradingHive.

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By building an international team of experienced analysts and moderators, we can post trade ideas, analysis and help our community on a consistent basis.

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Through extensive study, our analysts alert and notify their entries and exits on high succession rate trades, creating an easy to follow trading atmosphere.

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